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Diploma Programmes

Aims to nurture talents to keep up with digital trends and contribute to the rapidly evolving economy of today’s technology-driven world.

A discipline that utilises artistic, innovative and strategic thinking to create creative work aimed to build brands, market businesses, sell products or promote social welfare.

Cultivate ideas, creativity, artistry and technological mastery; a strong grasp of art, imagination and effective storytelling skills to keep audiences engaged and entertained.

Visual representation of an idea or storytelling which offers designers the opportunity to transform their thoughts, feelings and emotions into inspiring visuals.

Planning, designing and organizing the detail elements of an interior space while learning to identify, research and creatively provide quality and functional solutions.


You will witness the solid foundation laid by The One Academy’s teaching philosophy and practical coaching approach, and experience a transformative education established by a panel of international creative industry experts based on a high-quality syllabus facilitated by industry-standard amenities & environment; all roped in to elevate The One Academy into one of the World’s Best!

Contact us at 017-9221033 or email to enquirypenang@toa.edu.my